If you’re struggling with low energy, lack of focus or general uneasiness in your own skin, let me help you.

You deserve to feel good on the inside and out.

You know by now just how vital physical exercise is and I probably don’t need to tell you all the ways yoga and meditation can transform your life for the better. But if you’re still struggling to meet your wellness goals, I want you to know that there’s a better way. The best part? All you have to do is show up – I’ll take care of the rest. We’ll work together to create a self-care plan that is 100% tailored to your body, your needs and your schedule. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and energized with a clear head and calm mind.

How It Works

One: The Consultation – 1h

We’ll chat about your wellness needs, health history and goals before I take you through a physical assessment so I can gauge your strengths & weaknesses. We’ll end with a quick yoga session so you’ll leave feeling revitalized and excited for our next meeting.

Two: The Session(s) – 1h

I’ll guide you through a practice involving yoga, aromatherapy and various mindfulness techniques, ending in a gentle head and neck massage during savasana (aka nap time!). You’ll leave in a state of bliss, armed with homework so you can work on your practice in between sessions.

Three: Aaaahhh

Feel lighter, clearer and content, all the while increasing energy, building strength and body awareness. Learn strategies that you can implement in real life for long-lasting wellness.